L’atmosfera Urbany

Noi di Urbany Hostels scegliamo gli ingredienti migliori per preparare deliziosissime cene gratuite, selezioniamo la miglior musica per le feste più folli e ricreiamo l’atmosfera più piacevole per rendere indimenticabile il tuo soggiorno.

Join the Urbany Community

Immerse yourself in the Urbany community. Join us for some good-mood activities & make the most of your stay! Create unforgettable memories & make lifetime friends. From relaxing yoga sessions to the craziest parties, delicious dinners and the funniest karaoke nights!

Every week we plan a personalized activity program for our different hostels, adapted to the facilities & season of the year. Follow us on @urbanyhostels for weekly updates!* Or send us a DM asking for the hostel’s agenda.

*Activity calendar subjected to availability, weather conditions & other variables.